Celebrity Encounters In Public

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

It’s pretty rare, but occasionally we all have recognized a celebrity while we have been out and about. We had a few encounters over the weekend that we had to share.

Saturday night, Tony and Julie were in Downtown Dallas for CityLights. Afterwards, Tony thought he’d grab some dinner to go. As he was walking through Eatzi’s, a lady called out his name. It was a listener who recognized Tony, and she ran over to chat with Tony for a bit.

It’s not often that we get recognized out in public as we’re not on TV so you don’t always see our faces, so to be recognized in public is a big deal for us.

Julie was at the State Fair of Texas with her daughters and a listener recognized her. She ended up getting a picture with Julie and her girls.

John encountered a celebrity over the weekend himself. He was attending the Baylor vs Texas Tech game at AT&T Stadium. While standing in a concessions line, he realized that he recognized the man in front of him. It was Texas Rangers outfielder David Murphy. John played it really cool and shook hands with him.

Tony also has a story of sports celebrity encounters. He had met Steve Kemble for coffee at the Starbucks in Highland Park Village. As meetings with Steve have a phones-off policy, Tony was walking through the parking lot catching up on messages. He wasn’t looking where he was going when he barreled into two big guys. When he looked up, it was Troy Aikman and Babe Laufenberg. Troy was pretty cool about it and told Tony to be careful of where he was going.


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