Guy’s Cheating on Girlfriend Prank BACKFIRES (Video)

So this guy plans out a prank to video on his girlfriend.  It’s their 5th-year anniversary and they’ve traveled to Aruba.  Romantic, right? Except his prank involves telling his girlfriend that he cheated on her.  That’s when his prank backfires on him, BAD.

We’ve all pulled some pranks in our youth that backfired. Here are some of our stories:

When Julie was 13, she had a sleepover with a bunch of girl friends. They decided to toilet paper a boy named Mike’s house that lived nearby. Back at her house, they were celebrating with candy and decided to go streaking. They run up and down the street wearing nothing but beach towels, but they got locked out of the house. Julie was digging around in the woods looking for the hidden spare key. Mike shows up with a friend and a bunch of cans of spray paint to retaliate. Julie had to ask for help and clothes. The boys agreed if the girls would come over and clean up the toilet paper in the morning. They ended up coming back with the smallest shorts and shirts they could find. Julie tapped on her mom’s window to be let back in the house, and fortunately, her mom didn’t ask any questions.

Tony used to get in trouble running around with his cousins. Instead of TPing people’s houses, they would place duct tape, sticky side up, in the street. Cars would roll over it and it would harmlessly flap against the side of their cars. Drivers would stop to investigate the noise, and Tony and his cousins would laugh. One time, they miscalculated when Tony’s dad would get home. When they saw his dad’s Volvo come around the corner, they yelled “Nooooooo!!” It was too late. Tony’s dad slammed on the brakes when he heard the tape against the car, and he gave chase when he heard footsteps running away. He didn’t have any idea who he was chasing until he caught Tony and his cousin Matthew.

John was once the target of a backfired prank. The cheerleaders at his high school used to TP the houses of football players. He heard a knock at his door late one night, and out on the curb were the cheerleaders and the cops that had caught the in the act. The cops were asking if they should press charges, but John was okay as long as the girls cleaned it up. The cheerleaders made pyramids to get the toilet paper out of the trees.


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