Our Tales Of Getting Stranded In The Cold

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Tony may have been a bit over-prepared for the weather this morning. He had John come and stay at his house so they could carpool together. He also had Plans A-F in case something went wrong and they ended up stranded in the cold somewhere.

Growing up in southern California, Tony had never really had any experience with wintery weather. One year in college, he accepted a friend’s invitation to spend Thanksgiving in Amarillo. Unfortunately, a massive snow storm descended upon Texas. They could barely see 4 feet in front of the truck, and Tony noticed the oil light had come on in the friend’s truck. They ended up breaking down on the side of the snowy highway. They had to walk a long way to find a gas station. They then found out that they were in Purcell, Okla., more than 6 hours away from Amarillo. They had to wait 7 hours for the friend’s dad to come get them.

Julie was really not prepared for cold weather driving home for the holidays from Statesboro, GA. She was wearing shorts and flip-flops when she ran into an ice storm. She couldn’t see the road. The ice got so bad that her windshield wipers froze to the window. She managed to follow the road to an exit ramp and pulled into a hotel parking lot with a Denny’s. She called her mom who used her credit card over the phone to buy Julie dinner and a hotel room for the night. The police were there helping people, and Julie ended up sitting in a booth with a foreign man she didn’t know. He asked her in his thick accent, “You share room? You share room?” He wanted to share a room with Julie! She said no and went back to her room, alone. She called her mom again who told her that the girl who was dating Julie’s boyfriend had called wanting to speak to Julie. She spent the rest of the night talking on the phone to the girl dating her boyfriend at another college.


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