5 Things You Shouldn’t Bring To The Table On Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving comes family, and with family comes drama. In order to ensure some semblance of sanity around the dinner table, we have come up with a few guidelines we all should follow.

Here are 5 things you shouldn’t bring to the table on Thanksgiving:

1. Don’t Bring Your Eating Habits. If you have hang ups about certain ingredients in the meal, rather than vocally advertising your preference, fill your plate with food that you will eat, smile, and enjoy.

2. Don’t Bring A Dish Without Asking The Host. Help avoid repeated side dishes by coordinating with the host. They may have a menu already planned, and bringing a third green bean casserole will end in disaster.

3. Don’t Bring One Bottle Of Wine; Bring Two. Bring one bottle as a host gift and a second one for sharing. The host may already have beverages selected and wine paired with the meal.

4. Don’t Bring Your Sense Of Entitlement. Thanksgiving isn’t the You Show starring You. Thanksgiving is about being thankful for what you have and the people in your life. Be courteous and grateful. Show interest, even when your 97-year-old Aunt Gertie wants to bend your ear with endless stories from her youth.

5. Don’t Bring Your Rotten Childhood & Any Other Baggage. You are with family. No matter how bad things are put a smile on your face and pass the potatoes.

Julie wanted to add Don’t Bring Your Politics to the table. Politics is one of the most divisive topics Touting your beliefs and ideals might unknowingly step on the toes of one of your guests of family members.

John says Don’t Bring Gas. You don’t want to beĀ that family member who clears the room. Do, however, bring some Bean-O.


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