Secrets Revealed At The Thanksgiving Dinner Table

(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

We’ve all been at the Thanksgiving dinners were someone drops a bomb on the family. One secret revealed has the potential to turn dinner into a disaster. We shared stories of secrets revealed at Thanksgiving.

Julie brought home a new boyfriend Dan one year at Thanksgiving. He lifted up his shirt at the dinner table and showed her mom his nipple piercing. Julie’s mom actually got up, walked around the table, and touched it. It was a really weird moment.

Tony revealed that he had a pair of nipple piercings at one time. Tony forgot about them while his dad was in town a few years ago, and his dad saw them and kinda freaked out. However, that doesn’t top the Thanksgiving reveal Tony witnessed one year in college.

It was the first Thanksgiving Tony had spent away from home; the very same Thanksgiving with the nightmare road trip in a snowstorm. On the drive up, he was told about a sister who had a boyfriend that wasn’t really liked by the family. Dinner was very uncomfortable, and the mother’s hatred for the boyfriend was very thinly veiled as she shut down every time the boyfriend tried to say something. After dinner, a favorite aunt showed up and the sister introduced the boyfriend as her husband, not knowing her mother was right behind her. As it turns out, the couple had eloped and the aunt had prior knowledge of the plan to do so. It quickly became a huge fight. Tony looked at his friend, and they both agreed to bail and left the house.

Julie remembers the first time her sister brought her husband home to the Hoyt House in Arkansas for Thanksgiving. Their Granny and Uncle Ken got into a fierce fight over the dinner table. The whole family knew it was just best to leave the room lest they get caught in the crossfire. However, poor new brother-in-law David was still stuck at the table. He had his head down and was just eating his turkey.


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