Fun Elf On The Shelf Ideas To Keep Your Elf Busy

(Photo by Kena Betancur/Getty Images)

(Photo by Kena Betancur/Getty Images)

The Elves On The Shelf have arrived. They are stationing themselves around the house daily to report the behavior of little boys and girls to Santa before Christmas.

Julie has two Elves On The Shelf that visit her house to report on her daughters, Elfie and Bernie. Bernie was once named Sherbet, but he got too close to a light bulb. He’s now called Bernie because of the little burn mark on his tummy.

Tony’s nieces Addie and Ava have an Elf On The Shelf named Jake that visits. He always brings them a ornament to put on the tree. One year, Addie got Ava’s ornament down for her, and in playing with it, it broke into a billion pieces. Ava went into meltdown mode, which only got worse when she was reminded that Jake would report to Santa about what happened.

The Elves like to get up to some mischief after they’ve reported back to Santa. We found some fun ideas from for the Elves to do before they get back on the shelf.

  • Your Elf can draw funny faces on a family photo with a dry erase marker.
  • Really mischievous Elves can roll the Christmas tree with toilet paper.
  • The Elf can replace the stockings with undies for a night.
  • Your Elf can have a marshmallow jacuzzi in the sink with the Barbies or Superhero action figures.
  • The Elf can have a syrup date with Barbie sipping on straws.
  • Your Elf can roll out a TP Christmas countdown.
  • Partying Elves can rave out with glow in the dark bracelets.
  • Nice Elves like to read to the other dolls in the house.
  • Adventurous Elves can repel off large furniture.
  • Sleepy Elves can curl up for a nap in Kleenex boxes.
  • Tardy Elves can sometimes get locked out of the house. Hopefully there’s not a dog in the backyard they have to worry about.
  • Smart Elves have a magic key that can get them back in the house.
  • Fun Elves hop in the sleigh on the mantle to drive the reindeer.
  • Sometimes, Elves leave messages with Scrabble tiles or on notepads.
  • Good Elves babysit the Baby Jesus in the Nativity sets. Sometimes Baby Jesus needs to be held.
  • Elves in the Christmas tree sometimes make tire swings on the branches with floss and toy tires.
  • Mischievous Elves have wrapped the toilet in Christmas paper.
  • Even more mischievous Elves make kid traps by putting duct tape or paper streamers across the doors to the kids’ bedrooms.

There are a ton more great ideas for your Elf On The Shelf to do in the wee hours. Check them out and


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