Our Most Embarrassing Holiday Injuries

(Photo by David Hecker/Getty Images)

(Photo by David Hecker/Getty Images)

The holiday season seems to be ripe with opportunities for injuries to occur. Hanging lights on the house, cooking hazards, and paper cuts while wrapping gifts are all dangers we must face in preparation to celebrate. This morning, we shared our stories of our most embarrassing holiday injuries.

When Tony decorates his house for Christmas, it’s an ordeal. He probably has 20-25 tubs of decorations alone, not counting random trees and wreaths. About 6 years ago, his sister and sis-in-law offered to come over and help. Everything was great and everyone was in a festive mood. On his 4th trip to the attic, Tony was looking for a wreath. This particular wreath is so big that it has to be shimmied down the ladder with some help. So he called for Quinn and Jo to come man the ladder. He carried the wreath over to the attic door, and as he was walking, he stepped on what he thought was a sturdy piece of 2×4. Turns out, it was a spare the builders had left behind. His foot slips out from under him and goes straight the the drywall of the ceiling below. His other leg falls through the attic opening, and he’s stopped only when a sturdy 2×4 comes up between his legs.

When something like that happens, a guy usually needs a minute or 20 to recollect themselves. Quinn and Jo wait to make sure he’s okay, and then promptly busted a gut laughing at his fall. To this day, the hole in the drywall has been patched, but remains unpainted as a reminder that Tony should be careful in the attic.

Julie and John were comparing oven scars. John is still burned from where his hand slipped and caught the oven rack last week while cooking Thanksgiving.

Other than oven scars, Julie really doesn’t have anything too embarrassing, but she does have a story about her daughter Emma. Every year, she takes the girls to Crate & Barrel to pick out a Christmas ornament for the tree. Emma picked up a beautiful, clear blown-glass bulb with a feather inside. As she showed Julie, the ornament slipped from Emma’s grip and crashed to the floor. It sounded for all the world like a car had driven through the front of the store. Fortunately, no one was injured, except maybe for Emma’s ego.


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