Top 10 Gifts For Box Wine Drinkers

126264291 Top 10 Gifts For Box Wine Drinkers

(Photo Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

Everyone has someone on their list that you just don’t know what to get them.  For instance the fan of boxed wine.  You dare not get them a bottle.

Top 10 gifts for Box Wine drinkers.

Red Solo cup wine glasses!!

Band-aids in case they get cut trying to bash in the perforated cardboard window. A pill box to keep their preventative maintenance aspirin in. Or is it just me that takes aspirin while drinking to ward off a hangover.

A squeegee to push that last drop of wine out of the bladder and into your mouth.

Duct tape just in case the handle on the box breaks. Personally, I just go rogue and put the bladder in my purse.

Squirt cheese and saltines. Hey, we may drink Box Wine but we still know how to do appetizers in style.

A rolling cooler in case they need to take it on the road. NASCAR race, Camping, Snipe hunting.

A drill with a small bit. This is in case someone stops by with an actual bottle of wine. Just drill into the cork and puller out. Yes, a wine opener would be easier but not as much fun!


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