Christmas Present Pranks Pulled By Parents

(Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

(Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Sometimes the items on a child’s Christmas list is so outrageous, that it begs for a prank. This morning, we shared the Christmas present pranks our parents have pulled.

John’s 9-year-old daughter is asking for an iPad for Christmas. He thinks that she’s too young to have an iPad. Refusing to buy the expensive tech gadget for his daughter, he thinks it would be funny to give her the iPaperpad that he found on Amazon.

Julie says don’t do it! She thinks the prank will backfire on John and ruin his daughter’s Christmas.

Tony shared a prank that his mom pulled on his sister. Tony’s first car was a’69 VW Beetle with only a primer paint job. His sister was 16 and already driving, but she wanted her own set of wheels. Specifically, she wanted a VW Beetle with a nice paint job in a particular color. That Christmas, Tony’s mom and stepdad put a Hot Wheels toy VW Beetle in her stocking. She thought that meant her car was in the driveway, so she dashed outside to go look. Alas, there wasn’t a Beetle in the driveway for her, and she was crushed. Luckily, her birthday was in January. It turns out that getting the Beetle didn’t work out in time for Christmas, but she ended up getting the car for her birthday.



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