Crazy Office Holiday Party Stories

(Photo by Allison Joyce/Getty Images)

(Photo by Allison Joyce/Getty Images)

Last night was our office holiday party. Julie left mid-way through to go pick up her daughters, so she missed all the good shenanigans like the karaoke contest, which Tony got tapped by the big boss to host. One of our coworkers got up and sang “Hollaback Girl” and just went wheels off dancing all over the place.

Last night’s shenanigans reminded us of some of the crazy office holiday parties that we’ve attended.

We all know that every party has that one person, and one year, Julie was the one that went bad. In the years before she was married, Julie was pretty wild. At one particular party, she started making out with the program director at the bar. In front of the entire staff.

After last night’s office party, John and some coworkers went to another location. One of their friends showed up. He introduced himself as “Daniel from SMU.” John didn’t ask where he went to school, but the rest of the night, the guy was called “Daniel from SMU.”

At the previous place Tony worked, they would always have their holiday parties at a bar in Addison just at the end of the runway at Addison Airport. People were allowed to bring their significant others to the parties. One coworker’s wife couldn’t find her husband, so she decided to get her coat out of the coat closet and go look for him outside. When she opened the door, there was her husband making out with one of the girls from the sales department. It was one of those record scratching moments when the whole party stops to see what the commotion is. Long story short, all three of them left the party in the same car.


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