Kory’s Top Ten Tech Gifts For 2013

Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Have a technology fanatic on your shopping list this year?

Well have no fear, Kory did some research and found the top ten tech gifts for this year. Here is the list:

#10 – Laptops

I think that, outside of professional applications, the day of the bulky ‘desktop’ computer is finished. Laptops and tablets will always defeat the sales of the larger, stationary computers. This holiday season will be no different!

More info HERE.

#9 – Beats by Dre

As headphones go, Dr. Dre’s brand is the Mercedes Benz. The headphones are expensive, cool, and they sound incredible. You already see tons of people walking around wearing them, and they are quickly becoming the standard at radio stations as well.

More info HERE.

#8 – Roku 3

A lot of people are ditching cable and using the internet for their television. It’s cheaper, and allows you to watch TV on all of your devices, and on your TV through a device like a Roku. I use my Roku 2 for Hulu Plus and NetFlix, and it is the perfect companion for my cable box. With the Roku getting smaller, lighter and cheaper…look for the latest version to be a hot seller this holiday season.

More info HERE.

#7 – Xbox One/Sony Playstation 4

I am not much of a gamer, but several acquaintances of mine are…and this year’s two new game systems are sure to be hot sellers.

More info HERE.

#6 – Fitbit Force

Combined with the MyFitnessPal app for iPhone, my FitBit zip is single-handedly responsible for my weight loss (30lbs) in 2013. It tracks your steps…and thats it. The FitBit Force does SO much more! With fitness being so ‘in’ right now, watch for FitBit’s latest gadget to be a top seller.

More info HERE.

#5 – Nokia Lumia 1020

I don’t know about you, but I use my iPhone camera for legitimately everything. I take several pictures a day, including my notorious selfies. But the camera on my iPhone, or any camera phone for that matter, seems to be sub par when it comes to overall quality/size of the images. The Nokia Lumia, with its ridiculous 41 megapixel camera! Seriously? My digital SLR camera is only 12…you do the math. I believe that this phone will save the ‘Windows Phone’ platform from extinction.

More info HERE.

#4 – Samsung Galaxy S4

Two words – GIGANTIC screen! Although I am not personally a fan of the Android operating system, this phone is very pretty. If I had a complaint about my native Apple phones, it would be the small screens. For those that prefer Android, this is the must-have phone this holiday season.

More info HERE.

#3 – Apple iPhone 5S/5C

The new Apple phones are always a huge seller during the holidays, and now there are more choices. The high-end iPhone 5S is for the more particular smart phone user, while the lower cost iPhone 5C is for the budget conscious consumer who still wants a sexy phone. Look for both of these handsets to dominate the cell phone market this holiday.

More info HERE.

#2 – Chromecast

It’s tiny, it plugs into your TV, and transmits whatever is open in Google Chrome to your TV. Add to that it’s tiny $35 price point, and this gadget is sure to be on everyone’s tech Christmas list…it’s already on mine!

More info HERE.

#1 – Apple’s iPad Mini (w/ Retina) & iPad Air

Apple has finally put a retina display on their smaller iPad mini…and I want one! Plus, their new thinner iPad Air will be popular with just about everyone. Look for these two devices to combine with the new iPhone to make this an epic holiday for Apple.

More info HERE.


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