Dream Expert Damian Nordmann Tells Us What Our Dreams Mean

dream expert

Ever have a dream that made you wonder what it could mean? Damian Nordmann from the School of Metaphysics can help you interpret your dreams and show you what they really are trying to tell you.

Here is what he told us about our dreams:

Julie had a dream that she saw her friend Krista Villarreal’s daughter at Mockingbird Station. Julie was on the 2nd level when she looked down and saw the little girl waving at her before running off. Julie realized that Abby was without her parents, so she began to go looking for the girl while frantically searching for her cell phone to call Krista. She begins to freak out that she can’t find the little girl or her cell phone.

Damian says: There are two symbols in this dream: the little girl and the cell phone. The child represents a developing aspect of your self, a new idea, or a new way of thinking. The cell phone is a means of communication, and in dreams, it represents communication within your self or with other people. Because Julie is having trouble finding both of these symbols within her dream, she should examine what is new in her life. She should also see what she can do to establish more communication within herself. She can do that through meditation, dream interpretation, or yoga.

Last week, Tony had a dream that he was in a social setting surrounded by people that he knows. Everything was normal, but suddenly, everything shifted like it all warped. Out of nowhere, he was 8 feet tall and everyone else was tiny.

Damian says: Perspective shifts like that indicate something is exaggerated in his way of thinking. The shift to being so tall shows the magnitude of Tony can become. He needs to level things out and find the exaggeration.

The School of Metaphysics is hosting a “Taste of Metaphysics” open house on Saturday, December 28th from 4PM-6PM at their Dallas campus (5832 Live Oak St). Get some “holiday zen” with some workshops that will explore dreams, health, visualization, and peace. Call 214-821-5406 to register. Find out more about the School of Metaphysics by visiting dreamschool.org.


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