Kids’ First Sporting Events

(Photo by Todd Rosenberg /Allsport)

(Photo by Todd Rosenberg /Allsport)

Julie’s youngest daughter Lucy had her first basketball practice and game this weekend. We all had to share about children’s first sporting events.

Julie told us about Lucy’s first practice and basketball this weekend. It was cute how some kids would just take the ball and dash, not even dribbling as they went. At one point, Lucy got the ball and takes off. She thought she’d head for the net no one was guarding. It just happened to be the oppositions’ net where Julie and all the parents for Lucy’s team were sitting. They all yelled for Lucy to head the other way, and even the ref stopped Lucy to point her in the right direction. She had such a look of determination on her face until that moment; she looked so crushed afterwards.

Tony remembers one of his first tee-ball games. He had gone to bat and ran to 2nd base. He had to tinkle pretty bad, so he just took care of business. He thought that sliding in to 3rd base would hide everything with the dirt, but it only made it more apparent.

One of John’s first jobs was as an umpire for the tee-ball games. He remembers one kid running for 2nd base and was about to be tagged out. Rather than get tagged, the kid grabbed the glove off the 2nd baseman’s hand and threw it away.


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