Reasons Why You Should Avoid Flying During The Holidays

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

For all the joy of the holiday season, there is one place that is a void of Christmas cheer: airports. Any other time of the year, we’re more than happy to show up, get our hug from the TSA, and merrily go about the terminals awaiting departure to our destinations. At the holidays, airports are more likely to be filled with Scrooges, Grinches, and screaming children.

Buzzfeed recognized this and came up with a list of 14 reasons why you should avoid flying around the holidays.

1. Packing. Not only do you have to pack your clothes and essential items, you also have to play suitcase Tetris to pack your gifts as well. Remember, it’s gotta weigh less than 50lbs.

2. Children. The amount of children in airports and on airplanes increases exponentially around the holidays. For every adult, it seems like there is 2.5 children, and they usually are screaming. Also, you’re probably sitting next to one.

3. Snow. In North Texas, we don’t often have to worry about this, but the ripple effects from a snow storm anywhere in the U.S. means cancelled flights and delays.

4. Cancelled/delayed flights. You may have made it to the airport on time, but now you get to sit in terminal purgatory with screaming children.

5. Lines. Usually you need to get to the airport 2 hours before your flight, but at the holidays, 2 hours could be your time spent waiting in line. You could be in line to check-in, in line for TSA, in line trying to find a new flight because yours got cancelled.

6. Most Important Person In Airport. There is always that one person who feels like they are more important than everyone else, and they loudly announce their need to get to Point B is more pressing than everyone else around them.

7. Improvised Entertainment. Since you’ll be stuck in the airport for awhile, you’ll need to find a way to entertain yourself to keep what is left of your sanity. Taking a spin on the baggage claim carousel is definitely on the table.

8. Get comfortable. If you’re going to be trapped in the airport, you may need to get creative to get comfortable. Suitcase becomes a footrest, jacket becomes a blanket, carry on doubles as a pillow.

9. Carolers. While you spend eternity in purgatory, there is nothing worse than a cheerful bunch of singers with smiling faces and happy songs. No. Just no.

10. Overhead Bins. Once you finally get on the plane, there is no room in the overhead bins for all the coats, bags, and gifts.

11. De-Icing. You finally feel like the plane is about to get underway when you hear the sound of violent spraying on the outside of the plane. That was just the plane backing away from the terminal for a de-icing shower of anti-freeze.

12. Baggage Claim. When you finally do land, you get to play the “Dude, where’s my bag?” game. You’re also reminded of just how heavy that bag is.

After all this, maybe 12 hours in a car is preferable to 12 hours in an airport. At least you’d be moving.

Read more at Buzzfeed.


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