Julie’s Review Room: American Hustle

Photo Courtesy of Sony Pictures

Photo Courtesy of Sony Pictures

“American Hustle” stars Christian Bale and Amy Adams as con-artists who are forced to work with the FBI to take down dirty politicians.

This movie tells you right out of the box that some of it is true, but don’t bother focusing on HOW MUCH. It’s loosely based on the Abscam FBI sting from the ‘70’s, but most of it is fictional so don’t bother trying to connect the dots.

Photo Courtesy of Sony Pictures

Photo Courtesy of Sony Pictures

Christain Bale plays scam artist Irving Rosenfeld and Amy Adams is his grifter girlfriend. You won’t see Bale ANYWHERE in this paunchy leisure suit with the worst comb-over ever. He disappears so completely into character that you’ll see more Tony Soprano here than Batman. He & his girlfriend get busted by Bradley Cooper’s FBI Agent, who is sporting the tightest Little Orphan Annie perm. Jennifer Lawrence plays Rosenfeld’s wife because YES, he is cheating and she is so joyfully unhinged, it’s hard to see anything else when she’s onscreen.

Photo Courtesy of Sony Pictures

Photo Courtesy of Sony Pictures

“American Hustle” tends to lose focus but it doesn’t really matter when actors are having this much fun. Jennifer Lawrence is almost grinning through her rages and Bradley Cooper is one big sight gag with that hair. Director David O’Russell keeps popping out the hits, with last year’s “Silver Lining’s Playbook” and “The Fighter” before that. While “American Hustle” isn’t as tight as either one of those, it’s still solid enough to be an Oscar contender. I can’t say that I bought every scenario it provided but I had too much fun to care and that’s why I’m giving “American Hustle” an A-. Honestly, it might be worth the trip just to see Bradley Cooper’s afro.


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