Zazza and Julie Recap 12-26-13

Happy Day After Christmas! Time to get back to the daily grind. Here’s what we covered this morning:

Women Pay More For Certain Items And Services Than Men

Women are getting an unfair overcharge over men for comparable products and services. Check out where women take a hit in the pocketbook!

Our Favorite Cold Weather Activities

With the possibility of snow in the forecast, we shared our favorite snowy weather activities.

She Mail: Drugging Kids On Long Drives

This morning, Julie took on the issue a woman has with parents who drug their children on long car rides.

5 Things That Parents Should Stop Saying To Non-Parents

A few things that parents need to stop telling non-parents about the joys of parenting.

Britney Spears’ Music Scares Away Somali Pirates

Britney Spears’ music scares away pirates. We talked about the songs that would make us run away too.

Zazza & Julie Throw Down Mad Rapping Skills

We were inspired to bust out our rap skills after hearing Sandra Bullock rap on a recent talk show.

Trips Every College Student Should Take Before Joining The Working World

Here are 7 trips every college student should try and take before joining the workforce after graduation.


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