“Girly” Things Guys Wish They Could Do Without Judgement

We always hear about women fighting for equal treatment and to get equal claims on things are that are traditionally male-only. No one ever talks about dudes wanting to do girly things without catching flack for it.

Huff Post recently posted a list of girly things guys want to try without judgement. Here are a few of the things on their list:

More stylish clothing options. Guys are kinda stuck with a narrow pool of clothes to choose from, whilst women can wear just about anything from dresses to pants, hats and heels. Not saying that guys want to wear dresses, but wouldn’t it be nice to wear bright colors on a shirt that is not sports jersey?

Talking about the attractiveness of other guys. Ladies can comment on how “hot” another woman is, but guys can’t comment on other dudes without getting teased by his pals. Some guys would like the freedom to make comments on the appearance of another dude.

Ordering “girly drinks.” Guys want to be able to drink something other than beer all the time. There are a ton of great cocktails out there, and it would be nice to enjoy them without getting teased about the pink umbrella garnish.

A day at the spa. It is socially acceptable for women to flock in droves to a day of pampering. Guys would love to spend a day relaxing to a massage and getting their manly paws manicured.

Play with one’s children without judgement. Daddies love spending time with their daughters, but attending tea parties wearing a feather boa could risk a man card rejection. Guys would love to be able to skip and plays with their kids and not be teased for raising a pinky for tea time with the teddy bears.

Check out the full list at Huff Post.


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