Julie’s Daughter Emma Makes Blog Rant About Victoria’s Secret

During holiday vacation, Julie and her daughters were at the mall exchanging some clothes at Gap Kids. Directly across from Gap Kids is a Victoria’s Secret. Julie’s 9-year-old daughter Emma caught sight of one of the giant ads in the store window of a woman wearing a bra, undies, and a sultry smile. It’s something that Julie doesn’t notice anymore, but it made Emma so mad that she was shaking.

“I hate those pictures. They make me so mad!” she exclaimed, so Julie suggested that Emma write down her feelings in a blog. Here’s what Emma had to say:

When I walk in the mall, I see many stores but I can’t stand Victoria’s Secret. The reason, you might ask, is because of the posters of women in nothing but bras and underwear. It makes women look like nothing more than pretty pretty fashion models. My parents always tell me that girls can do anything boys can do. That makes me feel like girls just sit around NUDE. But we are capable of so much more than those pictures say.

Well said, Emma!

Check out the open letter to Victoria’s Secret in this week’s Julie’s Jabbers!

It’s true. The ads that hang in the windows are sort of gross for little girls to see. A couple of months ago, Julie and the girls were going to Justice right next door to the Victoria’s Secret, and the ad hanging in the window was a giant naked butt wearing nothing but a thong.

It begs the question, is it necessary to advertise what Victoria’s Secret sells? Who isn’t familiar with the lacey bits and bobs that one can find in Victoria’s Secret?

A better question is why is Victoria’s Secret right next to stores meant for children? As Emma astutely notes, it goes against what parents tell their daughters about how girls should dress and behave.


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