Things Our Parents Said To Us As Kids

They are the phrases that are seared into our brains from childhood. Things our parents said to us, and usually when we were in trouble. More horrifying that hearing those words as kids is now hearing those words from our own mouths talking to our children.

Buzzfeed recently posted a list of things our parents said that we swore we’d never ever say to our own kids. What happened? Yeah, we’ve said these to our kids too.

  • “What part of ‘no’ don’t you understand?”
  • “Because I said so.”
  • “If all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you jump too?”

Tony heard a parent at the grocery store recently ask a child, “Do you want me to me to put you on blast in front of everybody in this store?” That’s a new one that is pretty awesome.

Julie has told her kids, “I will spank you right here in the middle of this store.”

Tony’s dad used to say, “Do you want me to drop you like a 3-foot put?” It sounded ominous as a kid, but once he started playing golf, he realized a 3-foot was kind of easy.

Julie’s dad had a few that he would say:

  • “I’ll put you in a box and put you on the curb and wait for the orphanage truck to come get you.”
  • When she’d get bad grades, “That’s fine. You can drop out of ¬†school and work at the sock factory.”

John just recently said a phrase to his kids that his parents would say. His kids’ had their toys all over the place, and he asked, “Were you raised in a barn?”


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