She Mail Retrospective: Where Are They Now

We’ve been doing She Mails for awhile, and we thought it was time to check in with our past She Mailers to see if they took Julie’s advice and how things turned out.

Twin Girls Held Back In School: We talked to the parents of twin girls who had a tough decision to make. One girl was being held back in 1st grade & they were trying to decide if they should go ahead & hold back the other twin. We had mixed opinions on this one, but I ultimately said that they shouldn’t cave to the pressure & let the other twin move forward to 2nd grade while the other stayed in 1st. I said they needed to remember that their girls are 2 different people who will always have differing needs.

Well the parents totally didn’t listen to me & went ahead and held back both girls. They said that they are “pleased as punch with our decision & both of the girls are doing great!” That’s all that really matters.

The Groomsman’s Drunk Wife: A groom was worried because one of his groomsmen was getting back together with his wife, who has drinking issues. They had gone out the weekend before and she got black-out drunk and caused a scene. He wanted to know if it was OK to tell his groomsmen he couldn’t bring his ex-wife. We said YES, you can tell your groomsman that. This is that he said:

“I had a heart to heart with my friend before the wedding. He & his ex have stopped seeing each other and have both moved on since then. The wedding was awesome and there was no drunk ex-wife anywhere to ruin the occasion. Thanks for the advice.”

BFF Abuse: We talked to a woman whose best friend had been taking advantage of her for YEARS. She had borrow money that she never paid back and even stolen from her at some point. She asked how she should handle it and we told her that it was OK to distance herself from any friend who didn’t treat her well. This is what she told us.

“Hi Julie! Remember me? I’m in BFF abuse recovery! Well, I decided we needed a little emotional distance in hopes that she would get her life together. I stopped checking up on her after the last time she asked me for money. She disappeared for about a month, then started texting me again recently. Guess what? She’s doing really well! She has stayed away from her abusive ex boyfriend, is dating a very nice man, and even got a better job! I realized I needed to let her sink or swim, which was very hard to. She’s doing much better now, and we have a better friendship because of it. I may even plan a weekend trip to visit her and her son. Thanks for your help! I’ll be listening to you, Tony, and John every morning. You guys are totes amazeballs, just sayin, right?”

Jinxed Momma– Remember the Mom whose son thought she was a jinx. He didn’t want her to go to his play-off game & she wanted to sneak in & watch without him knowing?

Well, she took our advice and did NOT go, but his team lost anyway. Now he says she can go to any games she wants, so it kind of worked out in her favor.

Son’s Prom Date In A Skanky Dress: A woman’s son was taking a friend to the homecoming dance, but her dress was WAY too revealing. The son wanted to back out and the Mom didn’t know what to tell him. We said that he HAD to go to the dance with her, but to be honest & try to talk her out of that dress. This is what happened:

“My son took your advice and talked to her. He told her that if she were his girlfriend, he would not want her wearing that dress. She kind of popped back, wouldn’t you want to show your friends how hot your girlfriend is. He said, he would never disrespect his girlfriend enough to make her the joke with all is friends. She sort of agreed and bought a cute sequined shrug and a lace slip to wear under the dress. They were both glad because the “modesty patrol” were in full force and discussed not letting her in because her slip was hanging out. They had a great time with each other. She gave my son all the credit for saving her from embarrassment at the dance.
I hope you have a follow up on the unopened gift to the boss. Very curious situation.
Keep up the good work. I love listening to you, Tony and John.”

Stinkin Like Lincoln: And finally, we have our very first She Mail which actually came from one of my old high school girlfriends. She wrote to us and said:

“I have a problem that really stinks. You see, I am constantly passing gas in public. It seems to be a genetic condition. My mother has the same problem. I assure you that the gas expelled from my body is among the worst you have ever been exposed to, particularly after a couple of beers. I once passed gas in front of my friend’s husband at a bar. He said he lived in a fraternity house for 6 years and he had never smelled anything that unbelievably awful.”

We told Stinkin’ Like Lincoln that she needed to consult her doctor and see if maybe she had some food allergies. I asked how she was doing now & this is what she said:

Yes! I got help for my family. I bought then all gas masks! There’s also a surgical procedure that you can have your sense of smell altered so you have none. Also been going to therapy so I can just admit that I am a farter. I come from a long line at farters. Acceptance is the key.”

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