Julie’s Jabber: Changing The World With Fat-Jokes (I’m Talking To YOU, Mindy Kaling)

I’m a little chapped about the controversy around Elle magazine. It was actress Mindy Kaling’s first time to grace the cover and she looked gorgeous. Some people were angry though. See, the cover usually features the model’s torso but they only showed Mindy’s chest and head. See the cover HERE.

“WHY,” they asked? “Is it because of her BODY?!”

It’s funny because this OUTRAGE reminds me of the backhanded compliments my Mom use to throw my way. Here’s one of my favorites. Mom wouldn’t wear bathing suits in public and I was trying to talk her into it. I told her she needed some beach confidence and should FAKE it if she had to.  She said, “You’re really good at that. You ALWAYS pretend you look good in a bathing suit!”

She didn’t understand why I was mad.

The people who are so OUTRAGED by the cover of Elle magazine are simply reminding the world that Mindy isn’t built like your usual starlet. Not only are they hurting someone they claim to be defending, they’re also shouting into deaf ears.  Let’s face it. The world doesn’t care if everyone is treated equally, especially when it comes to looks.

Furthermore, and let me be extremely clear about this:


I should know because I’ve done LOADS of it and it never got me anywhere. You can complain all day but the more you do it, the more the world tunes you out. Who knows this? MINDY KALING. She is changing the world in a subtle and extremely effective way:


Mindy created her show and is one of the writers, so she loads each episode with jokes about her body. The other characters say horrible HORRIBLE things about her and it’s usually pretty funny. I can’t imagine what a typical table-read must be like for “The Mindy Project.” Her co-workers are forced to say terrible things TO HER FACE.

Actor: “Mindy, are you sure about this? I don’t feel good saying this.”

Mindy:  “Shut up and read the words I wrote or I’ll hire someone who will.”

Actor: “Yes Ma’am!”

She does this because Mindy Kaling knows exactly what she’s doing. Each week, the public sees Mindy being verbally abused and they laugh, but they also realize how AWFUL it is. More importantly, the audience sees a woman who is built like 90% of the female population on TV every single week. Then it doesn’t seem like such a big deal anymore.


Mindy Kaling has changed the world (all while getting rich and even more fabulous) and she did it through self-deprecation. So, everyone else can keep expressing their outrage on Twitter or cranking out those letter-writing campaigns. Have fun coming up with angry puns for your protest placards.

Me? I’m going to order another pizza and start writing some really choice jokes about the size of my butt. After all, I’m already pretty good at pretending I look good.


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