College Friends Discover They Are Sisters And Other Unbelievably True Stories

We’ve all got those unbelievable stories that are totally true but no one will believe. We came across a really cool story out of New Orleans.

Two female students at Tulane University became instant friends. They had many of the same interests and even looked very much alike. They discovered that they were both fathered by the same anonymous Colombian donor, making the friends half-sisters, according to New York Daily News.

This inspired us to share some of our true stories that no one believes.

Julie and her friend once snuck out to meet a boy and go joyriding down by the Chattahoochee River. Julie was in the back seat the whole time and most likely saying that they need to go home before they get in trouble. The police pulled them over for speeding and Julie’s friend hanging out of the window. The cops made a big show about calling all of their parents and how much trouble they were in. They gave the police their names, parents’ names, and phone numbers before being sent on their way. Out of all the parents they could have called, they only ended up calling Julie’s parents and tell her mom that Julie was the one driving. No matter how much she denied it, Julie’s mother never once believed that Julie wasn’t driving that night.

Tony’s dad use to take him to San Diego Padres games as a kid. They’d go even if they didn’t have tickets, and Tony’s dad would go find someone selling tickets to get inside. Sometimes, a person would just give Tony a pair of tickets to get in. Tony was a big Pete Rose fan. When Tony’s dad went to go find someone selling tickets to the Cincinnati Reds game and Tony got tickets, his dad wouldn’t believe how he got them. Tony told him that Mrs. Rose gave him the tickets, and still his dad would believe him. It wasn’t until they got to their seats, 3 rows behind the visiting dugout, that he dad was convinced. A lady asked if Tony was his son, and she introduced herself as Mrs. Rose.



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