Parents Leave Note For Kids To Let Them Sleep In

There is a weekend paradox where normally impossible-to-wake children turn into chipper early-risers before dawn on Saturday morning. Monday through Friday, it’s all a parent can do to pull them out of bed to head off to school, but there they are at 5AM on Saturday morning asking a million questions relating to breakfast, cartoons, and the meaning of life.

One set of clever parents just wanted one weekend to sleep in until 10AM. They crafted a note and left it taped to their bedroom door with answers to some anticipated questions, Good Morning America reports.

The note reads:

Morning Kids,

Mom and Dad are sleeping in this morning!

DO NOT knock and wake us up before 10AM unless there is a real emergency!!

To answer your questions:

– You can have cereal for breakfast
– Yes, you can watch TV / play Wii
– No, you may not go to your friends house
– No you cannot have a baggie of snacks from the pantry, those are for lunches (yes I mean those ones)
– You can have an orange for a snack. That means one (1) each!

Alexia – don’t antagonize your brother.
Liam — don’t be a whiner . . . or at least not 2 loud [sic] one.

We LOVE you!


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