Justin Bieber Might Not Be Guilty After All

Justin Bieber’s arrest seemed to snowball in the media as justification that the young pop star is troubled. However, evidence is now coming to light that he might not be as guilty as many would like us to believe.

TMZ reports that GPS on the rented Lamborghinis show that Bieber and his friend were only driving 27mph in a 30mph zone just before he was arrested. They also report that surveillance footage shows that the cars were driving single file down the road with an SUV along side to prevent passing.

It’s also being reported by TMZ that the cops falsified the police report for the DUI charge. Bieber’s BAC was only .014, and not .04, which would have justified a DUI or underage drinking charge. A BAC of .014 is barely a drop of alcohol for someone Justin’s size. It seems like the police may have had it out for Bieber to begin with.

We have to wonder if our hatred for Bieber makes it so easy for us to believe his guilt in all of this. It definitely seems like he’s troubled, but is the picture that is painted of him over-sensationalized to sell tabloids? Is he truly guilty of any crimes that justify a backlash of hatred?


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