Play Date Fails

Julie recently had an experience returning a child to their parents after a playdate with her daughters. Her story inspired us to share other playdate fails and kids running around doing stuff they really shouldn’t.

Julie told us that one of Lucy’s friends came over the first time. They were having a good time, and even big sister Emma was hanging out with them. They started playing the game Just Dance, and one song in particular came on, Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl”. It’s a great song to dance to, but the girls all began singing the chorus of the song over and over all through the house. Even driving Lucy’s friend home, the girls were still singing the song in the car. Julie wasn’t sure how to address the issue with the girl’s mom even when she dropped the girl off at her grandma’s house. Julie ended up texting the mom a heads up in case the girl started singing again.

There must be something about the innocuous sound of Katy Perry that makes you forget that her lyrics aren’t always kid-appropriate. Tony learned that lesson after Katy Perry’s “Peacock” was played at his house and a neighbor’s kid started singing the chorus to that. When the girl’s parents asked where she heard the song, she said it was at Tony’s house. That song is definitely worse that “I Kissed A Girl.”

John hasn’t had any play date fails as a parent yet, but he remembers an incident as a 13-year-old having a day with his girlfriend. They had gone to a movie together, and when his mom dropped the girl off at her house, John’s 3-year-old brother jumped out of the car. He ran over to the flower bed, dropped trou, and started peeing. Everyone was so stunned that they just couldn’t stop him or say anything.


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