Hillary Clinton Has Not Driven A Car Since 1996

Speaking at a conference of car dealers in New Orleans recently, Hillary Clinton revealed that she hasn’t driven a car since 1996. The Secret Service provides security and transportation for the former Secretary of State and First Lady. In fact, it’s been so long that Clinton says she’s almost forgotten how to drive herself.

This inspired us to share stories of things that we haven’t done in ages that most people do everyday.

Tony confesses that he hasn’t been to the dentist in almost 10 years. He even has a friend that is a dentist. He says that Leigh Ann’s recent tales of dental woe has made him nervous. She had to have her wisdom teeth removed, and he’s worried that will be the case for him. His wisdom teeth came in fine

Julie revealed that she didn’t floss for almost 30 years. She also stayed away from the dentist for so long that it became an issue.

John hasn’t walked inside a stand-alone Starbucks store since high school. He’s had Starbucks since then, but he hasn’t gone inside one for himself. His friends will call and bring him a drink from Starbucks, or he’ll grab one at the grocery store Starbucks.


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