White House To Respond To Petition To Deport Justin Bieber!

According to BuzzFeed, the White House will respond to the We The People petition to have pop star Justin Bieber, who is now facing assault charges in his home country in addition to his DUI arrest in Miami, deported back to Canada.

The We The People section, of WhiteHouse.gov is designed for ordinary Americans to mobilize and get issues that are important to us, onto the radar of the President. A cool tool if you ask me. Of course, some people have gone a little crazy with it and have requested that the US Government build a Death Star, among other ridiculous requests.

But, no matter how ridiculous the request, each petition that crosses the 100,000 signature mark in the time allotted, including the petition to deport Justin Bieber, which is as of writing this at 200,000+ signatures, will receive an official response. I for one am excited to see what the White House has to say, but do you really think they will deport the Bieb?

Check out the earlier story here on KVIL.com


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