Damian Nordmann Deciphers Our Dreams

Our resident dream expert, Damian Nordmann from the School of Metaphysics, joined us this morning to help us determine what our dreams are trying to tell us.

John had a dream that he was inside his house. It was storming like crazy outside, and he noticed water coming in the house from a window. When he walked over to the window, he saw a cellphone on the floor like it had been thrown through the window and the rain was coming in through the open window. He walked outside and the rain immediately stoppped and became fog everywhere. He could hear voices talking but he couldn’t find the people speaking.

Damian says: Water represents life experiences and your house represents your mind. John was dreaming that all of these life experiences were coming down upon him, and he’s being taken over by them. The phone is a tool of communication, as well as the voices, and not being able to find the source of either means that communication is there but it’s unclear.

Julie had a wild dream that she was tweezing her eyebrows. She noticed random black hairs growing on her face, so she went to pluck those too. However, every time she plucked one, more would pop up in its place.

Damian says: Our face in dreams is our identity and how we see ourselves. Hair represents our consciousness. Seeing these popping up all over you face indicates Julie might be having errant, wild thoughts that shouldn’t be there.

Tony shared a dream that his sister had. She lost her dad this past year, and in her dream, she saw her father at a party with her siblings. He walked in and pulled her aside to talk to her. He said, “I’m not really gone. I’ve just been away.”

Damian says: There are two ways to look at this. The first is that this is a visitation from her dad to say that all is good. Deceased loved ones sometimes do communicate to us through our dreams. Another way of interpreting this dream is that her father represents her super conscious mind and trying to reconnect with it.

Join the School of Metaphysics for their class “Solutions For Your Resolutions” happening tonight from 7PM-9PM at 3883 Turtle Creek Blvd in Dallas. They also have two classes starting next week. “The Mastery of Consciousness” will cover dreams, meditation, and visualization; that will be on Tuesday, February 4th from 7:30PM-10:30PM. There is also a 4-week Visualization Short Course starting Tuesday, February 4th from 7PM-9PM. You can register for all of these classes by calling 214-821-5406. Find out more about the School of Metaphysics by visiting dreamschool.org.


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