T-Shirts That Might Be Inappropriate For Kids

One of Julie’s friends recently tweeted that she saw a little girl on her way to kindergarten wearing what she thought to be age-inappropriate t-shirt that read, “I’m Sexy And I Know It.” This stirred up a discussion about inappropriate t-shirts for kids.

Julie’s daughter Emma has a t-shirt that Julie got at a Toy Story 3 screening with a picture of Barbie and Ken. In the picture, Barbie says to Ken, “Nice Ascot.” While Emma never wears the t-shirt outside of the house and the innuendo might be over her head for now, it’s still questionable for her age.

Tony has always loved graphic tees. Growing up in Catholic school he never really had a chance to wear street clothes except for the rare Free Dress Day. One year, he found himself in Miss Bixby’s office for wearing an inappropriate t-shirt that managed to slip his parents’ notice. It was a Jack Daniels t-shirt. Tony had thought the logo was cool, but may not have been cool to wear in grade school.

Julie says she got away with wearing Corona t-shirts in high school, but John wasn’t so lucky. He got sent to the principal’s office to change out of a Guinness St. Patrick’s Day t-shirt with a picture of a beer mug on it. He had to wear a school provided shirt or else go home and change.

Access to t-shirts with alcohol brands is surprisingly unrestricted in stores. Tony mentioned that Target already has St. Patrick’s Day t-shirts with beer all over them available and in sizes that teens can wear.

Check out what our listeners had to say about inappropriate t-shirts for kids.


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