Why Your Co-Workers Might Hate You

We either work with people that annoy us, or worse, we are the people in the office that annoy everyone else. Either way, every office has at least one of every type of annoyance you can imagine.

Buzzfeed recently posted a list of these types of office violators. Check out some of these office specimen residing in the office zoo:

The Lunch Thief: This opportunist has no respect for your name clearly written across your sandwich bag in the office fridge. It’s fair game to him. He was probably the bully that stole lunch money in school too.

The Email Vortex: This person is where emails go to hide. No matter how many messages you send them, either they’re not checking their inbox or purposefully ignoring you.

The Grapevine: “I heard it through the grapevine” takes on a different life with the office gossip. This person is the bearer of the office news, and they have no problem throwing so-and-so under the bus and backing up for a second go. This person is never to be trusted with what you don’t want to be public knowledge.

The Drummer: Tap tap taptappittytaptaptap. Whether it’s out of boredom or they are rocking to a tune on their headphones, this rhythmically challenged individual is disrupting the sanity of his cubicle neighbors.

The Hammer: This micro-managing authority likes to make unexpected stops by your desk to check up on you or have a rather public discussion about your performance. Just the thought that they are near makes your palms sweat with anxiety.

The Bathroom Talker: This might not be a problem in the ladies room as that has always been social hour, but to enter the holy sanctity of the men’s room is to take a vow of silence. This person doesn’t get the memo and thinks it’s okay to bring up any topic under the sun from last night’s game to tomorrow’s board meeting while “doing business.”

The Smelly Desk Eater: What is that smell? It’s the exotic leftovers that your cube neighbor thought would be okay to microwave. You can always identify what’s for lunch and who is having it just by the cloud of odor emanating from their desk.

The Health Obsessed: This person makes you feel like a lazy slob in your personal life whenever they casually mention boot camp, yoga, or this new power cleanse/fast/diet they are on. It’s enough to make you want to stress-eat a Chipotle burrito.

Check out more office types over at Buzzfeed!


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