Will Your Refridgerator Reveal True Love

One dating guru seems to think so.

The Daily Mail is reporting that John Stonehill claims that he can tell whether a man is ready for true love or his just looking to date.

John has started a website in which women will send him pictures of their prospective boyfriends, and he will tell them whether they are the one or you should move on.

John has a list of some serious red flags which include:

  • Mold or grime
  • An entire dead animal
  • Picture of ex on the fridge door
  • Breast Milk or other bodily fluid
  • More pet food than people food
  • An empty fridge
  • No Alcohol
  • Generic Ketchup
  • Half empty jars of the same thing

You can read more about John HERE.  Got a fridge you want John to check? Submit one to him at his website right HERE.

What do you think a fridge says about someone? Let us know in the comments below.


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