Julie’s Review Room: Winter’s Tale

New in theaters this week, we have “Winter’s Tale,” starring Colin Farrell as a thief who falls in love with a dying heiress.  He lives in a world where demons fight to keep people evil and true love can cause someone to live forever. Sounds confusing, right? Well, therein lies the problem with “Winter’s Tale.” It sounds pretty and looks pretty, but it makes no sense at all.  There are some gorgeous elements like Colin Farrell seducing a dying heiress, or Collin Farrell flying through the air on a horse with wings, but surrounding that is nonstop mumbo jumbo about time travel and magic. Fans of the Mark Helprin novel it’s based on MIGHT enjoy “Winter’s Tale,” but for everyone else it’s a Valentine’s Day mess. Not even Will Smith playing Satan can save this film so I’m giving “Winter’s Tale” a D.

A film that IS worth your time is playing at the Angelika in Dallas this Sunday and it’s called “Stand With Me.” It’s a documentary about a little girl who learned about child slavery and launched a movement to stop it. Vivienne Carr was so moved by a photo of young slaves that she started raising money to free them with her lemonade stand. This grew into an actual lemonade company, which now raises money to end child-slavery and human trafficking. Vivienne and her family will be at the Angelika this Sunday night in Dallas so you can tell her how awesome she is in person. I’m giving “Stand With Me” and Vivienne Carr herself and A for their efforts and I can’t wait to buy some of that lemonade. You can get ticket info at standwithmemovie.com.


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