Mazie’s Mission Animal Rescue Clinic Gets Special Valentine’s Surprise

Erin Shults gave up her veterinary practice to focus on providing clinical care and surgical services to animals in shelters. Through Mazie’s Mission, she has not only helped animals in need of care, but also helped them find forever homes.

Case in point: Tony’s Belle received care from Mazie’s Mission. He received a call that Belle needed a forever home. They thought she was 13 years old and maybe had 3 months to live. Now, energetic “Lady Cray Cray” is healthy, happy, and looking a lot younger than she was thought to be.

Mazie’s Mission has big dreams of expanding to provide different levels of care and services to rescue animals from shelters, get them the veterinary care they need, and get them to forever homes. One of Tony’s friends heard about this great organization and wanted to help the best way they could. They gave Mazie’s Mission a special Valentine’s gift of $10,000 donation!!!!

Erin Shults reacts to the enormous donation to Mazie's Mission.

Erin Shults reacts to the enormous donation to Mazie’s Mission.


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