Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Cancelled Flights

Normally, we’d unleash our gripes on Monday, but since this was a 3-day weekend for some of us, we’re doing it today. It’s a special Tuesday edition of Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!

Julie might be a bit late on this, but NBC’s Christin Cooper crossed a line in her interview with Bode Miller. The Olympic bronze winner was obviously still very emotional after coming in 3rd in the Alpine Skiing Men’s Super-G, so it wasn’t very cool to bring up his brother who died a year ago. The camera crews pushing in around him were no help either. The guy needed a moment to breathe, and the cameras chased him like wolves and tried to film him behind a fence as he bent down to collect himself. Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That.

John was having a good morning until he realized that he needed to stop for gas before work. He pulled off the road, put started the pump, and decided to go inside and get a cup of coffee. As he was getting ready to pay for his coffee, some random dude off the street walks in wearing shorts, knee high socks, huge guages in his ears, beard, and a beanie. The dude asks John if he’d give him a ride a couple exits up the road to his car. When John explained that he couldn’t because he was driving to Dallas, the dude asked John why he was being such a bleep. It’s 4AM, dude. Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That.

Tony just got back from a weekend in Mexico. On his way there on Friday, US Airways told him that his flight was cancelled due to mechanical issues. Don’t lie to your customers. A friend inside the industry not only revealed the real reason for the delay but also that the flight was cancelled entirely. Tony ended up on a direct flight to Cabo on American Airlines which had much better customer service. Hopefully the merger will teach US Airways a few things about how to treat your customers because Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!


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