Julie’s Jabbers: Olympic Ice Dancers: So…ARE They?

There was an outrage recently when an NBC reporter badgered Bodie Miller about his deceased brother until he broke into tears. It got even worse when the cameras followed Miller as he staggered away and then took a knee to collect himself. One photog even leaned over the fence to get a better shot of a traumatized Bodie. Oh YES, get as much of that human misery as possible, guys!

I was furious and had to turn away from the TV at this point, but what I find even more infuriating are the questions that AREN’T being asked. Namely, are any of the ice dancers hooking up and if so, which ones?

Don’t act like you haven’t wondered the same thing. You can’t TELL me that Charlie White and Meryl Davis didn’t drunkenly make-out after losing the gold in Vancouver 4 years ago, just like they probably mugged down in the locker room after winning the gold this year. Yes, I know Charlie’s involved with that Tanith Belbin but I don’t care. IT HAPPENED! By the way, “Tanith Belbin” sounds like a drunk Hobbit, doesn’t it?

I also feel fairly certain that Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are doing it. His hands are ALL OVER HER and not in an “Eww GROSS it’s a GIRL” way either. There’s the constant nuzzling, too. I think those 2 are probably doing something really nasty at this very moment and for the record, I hope they’re doing it with their skates ON.

So the next time the Olympic reporters feel the need to sink their teeth into a human interest story, leave poor Bodie alone and go see what Davis and White are up to. Better yet, sneak up on Virtue and Moir, preferably in the shower. Get to the news that matters! And if there really ISN’T anything happening between those ice dancing couples, don’t you dare tell me.

I simply don’t want to know.


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