The Types Of Guys You’ve Dated In Dallas

When you’re single in Dallas, you invariably run the gamut of the different dudes around town. For the most part, they all kinda fall into one category or another. The Dallas Observer┬ácame up with the brilliant guide for identifying the dudes you date in Dallas.

Check out this list and see if you’ve dated any of these characters:

  • The $30,000 Millionaire. He drives a fancy car, shops the nice stores at NorthPark, and reserves nice tables at clubs… yet he lives in a ramshackle studio apartment with no furniture. Everything about this guy is strictly for appearances. He might need to re-examine his priorities.
  • The SMU Trust Fund Baby. The college grad still living on mummy and daddy’s dime. His name might not be Richie, but he is rich and feels entitled. Hopefully that case of affluenza isn’t contagious.
  • The DJ. He’s always surrounded by ladies at the club. That enough would cause suspicion among the most loyal of ladies.
  • The Socialite. This guy knows about all the cool, cultural, and interesting events going on in town. He also seems to find his way in front of the event photographers.
  • The Suit. Dallas is full of successful, single businessmen and when these guys aren’t trying to close the big business deal, they might find sometime to close the deal with a lady.
  • The Holier-Than-Thou Religious Guy. You can be yourself with this guy, just as long as yourself is a demure, moral virgin.
  • The Die-Hard Rangers Fan. A massive chunk of this guy’s year revolves around the baseball season and spending it at the Globe Life Ballpark. You’re lucky that Valentine’s Day came before pitchers and catchers reported for spring training.
  • The Uptown Clown. This guy loves hanging at bars in Uptown acting like he’s there with his buddies like they are there to pick up chicks, but really, they just want to hang out with each other and talk sports and video games.

Check out the Dallas Observer for the full list!

Our listeners came up with some great additions to the list!

  • West Village D-Bag. These spray-tanned walls of muscle in tight shirts usually are accompanied by a female of similar spray-tanned tint.
  • Momma’s Boy. Good ol’boy will treat you right, but you’ll have to contend with his momma bear being there every second.

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