Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Kids Stuck In Playground Tubes

It’s Monday. In order to face the week with a fresh start, we’re airing out our gripes from the weekend and declaring “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!”

Julie had to go to a basketball game for her eldest daughter Emma super early on Saturday morning. There was one mom screaming her head off at her daughter on the other team, which wasn’t needed because their team was winning. It took the tiniest girl on Emma’s team to turn to the woman and say, “Gee lady, shut up!” to get her to stop. The parents told the girl that not how she should speak to adults, but secretly they were all high-fiving the kid’s spunk to tell off the screaming lady. Her daughter was playing really well so all that screaming wasn’t even necessary. Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!

John had a parental rite of passage over the weekend. His almost-two-year-old son Grayson got stuck at the top of the McDonald’s playground tubes. John had to go in and climb up to extract his son from the net and come back down. That’s when the the 40-year-old manager ran over to inform John that he was too old and too big to be playing in the tubes. Apparently the screaming toddler escaped the notice of the manager. John knows he’s too old, and he wasn’t playing, brother. Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!!

Tony wanted to sit at the bar of a restaurant on Friday night. There were only two empty seats, but one was occupied by a woman’s ginormous purse. So when Tony asked the woman if anyone was sitting there, the woman turned and said, “Yeah, my purse is. Can you sit in a booth?” No, Tony actually wanted to sit at the bar and chat with his bartender friend. Pick a smaller bag or figure out how to hang it on your chair. Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!

Here’s what our listeners had to gripe about from their weekends and morning commutes.


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