Julie’s Jabbers: I AM the Screaming Soccer Mom

I’ve heard people gripe about parents who lose it at kids’ sporting events but I never really cared until I BECAME that parent.

Yes, that’s right. I’ll own it. I go to my kids’ soccer and basketball games and I scream my head off. I scream and tell them what to do and to do it faster and on some occasions, I’ll even tell them to do the WRONG thing. That’s because I never played organized sports and honestly most of that stuff is a mystery to me. This doesn’t stop me from losing my mind on the side of a soccer field every Saturday while sitting in a creaky folding chair. I feel enormous pride for my girls when I see them out there trying their hardest, even when they lose. It’s probably one of my favorite things about parenting so far.

That’s why it bums me out when parents get ANGRY and scream at their kids from the sidelines, which happened this past Saturday. My oldest had a basketball game first thing in the morning and MAN it was a toughie. Both teams were playing their hearts out but one Mom was angrily SCREAMING at her daughter on the other team.

Look, when you do that it doesn’t help (plus your team was already beating the snot out of our girls). I understand that you have dreams of scholarships and the WNBA, but if that’s in the cards it will happen without you spit-screaming from the stands.

So when the tiniest girl on our team turned to this woman and said, “Jeez lady SHUT UP,” I wanted to cheer. I didn’t, of course. I joined with all the other Moms in saying, “NO! BAD GIRL! DON’T TALK LIKE THAT!”

Then we all secretly high-fived each other.

Seriously, someone needed to say SOMETHING and it wasn’t going to be one of us. Oh and before I forget GO PANTHERS!


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