Automated Texts To Your Girlfriend To Allow More Bro-Time? Yes, This Is A Real App.

There is an app for just about anything these days, no, seriously. But this one takes things to a new low.

Does your girlfriend like a lot of affection? Are you too busy with your ‘bros’ to provide that for her? Yep, there is even an app for that.

Meet BroApp. It allows you to send timed and automated loving text messages to your girlfriend so that you won’t be bothered with actually having to be thoughtful. The app, only available for Android currently, comes with a myriad of security features to keep you from being busted for being less than genuine by your girlfriend.

In other news, the very fact that this app exists makes me wonder why a guy like me, who actually tries to be genuine and thoughtful, is single. #smh

Thanks to The Telegraph for the story.


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