Julie’s Jabber’s: I’ve Forgotten How to Have Fun

I was chatting with a girlfriend today when I realized I’ve completely forgotten how to have fun. She told me about a concert she’s taking her kids to and I honest-to-God thought, “Ugh, that sounds awful.”

WHAT? I use to LOVE going to live shows but when I consider it now all I think about is how late we’ll be up and how much the babysitter will cost.  Of course, we’ll have to FIND one first.

What a Debbie Downer response, right? Well it’s the very first one I had and I felt kind of bad about it so I thought, “OK Debbie D., what DOES sound like fun to you?”

I couldn’t think of a decent answer.

Let me be clear because I do have LOTS of fun. I have fun at work because my coworkers are a blast, but that’s my job. I have fun with my kids but usually because we’re doing KID stuff. I have fun with my husband but we only have about 2 hours of alone time each day. The fun I have just OCCURS around me but when I stop and try to come up with FUN on my own, I come up blank.

What about travel, you might ask? Well, it’s interesting because I’m planning a trip for my family right now & not once have I thought, “What sounds like fun to me?” Instead I’m thinking, “What will be an enriching family experience for the 4 of us that will cause the least amount of griping from the younger ones?” In other words, what will be fun for them?

So I asked myself, “If you had an entire night alone, what would you do? What would be the most FUN?” The list I came up with was so lame it’s depressing:

Go shopping.

Play Wordament.

Paint my nails & watch a movie while drinking wine.

Let’s be honest. That list SUCKS.

I look at my coworker Tony who is planning a HUGE trip to Australia that includes snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef and climbing the Sydney Bridge. That sounds fantastic but I can’t stop thinking about the LONG FLIGHT! My other coworker John is running with the bulls soon which I would never do because really, it’s a stupid thing to do but he wants to BECAUSE IT’S FUN! I’d like to make fun of him but CAN I when the most fun I can muster up involves nail polish?

I USE to know how to have fun. I remember girlfriend-beach-trips where we’d see who could kiss the most boys or we’d sneak into old abandoned hotels to scare ourselves silly. I remember prank calling cute guys all night or driving on vacant country roads for hours and listening to music, just because we could.

Where did that girl go?

I guess it’s a good thing she’s gone because a husband and 2 kids doesn’t pair well with drunken-beach-party nights or breaking into hotels. Current-Day-Me would call CPS on that woman.

But I do miss her sometimes. I guess I’ll just focus on the fun that happens around me and stop hating the person I’ve become. Maybe it’s not such a bad thing to want a good night’s sleep and a nice nail-job.

But I do think I’ll take up the prank-calls again. Just gotta get me one of those prepaid cell phones. Ooo, and a phone book.


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