Weird Things That We Do In Our Sleep

It’s National Sleep Awareness Week. It’s a week devoted to promoting the health benefits of getting a good night’s sleep. We couldn’t help but think of some of the weird things we do while we sleep.

Tony is a sleep eater. If there are sweets in the house, he will unconsciously devour them. He once ate an entire box of Girl Scout Cookies and left the empty box in the freezer.

Julie has to sleep with a pillow over her head to drown out noise. She has hyper-sensitive mommy ears when she sleeps and the slightest creak in the house will wake her up.

John wouldn’t confess, but Tony had John’s girlfriend on the phone. Mandy told us that John screams like a little girl in his sleep when he has nightmares. One nightmare in particular was about a toy penguin chasing John.


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