Dream Expert Reveals Meaning Of Strange Dreams

Our resident dream expert, Damian Nordmann from the School of Metaphysics, came in to help us sift through our strange dreams and discover their meaning.

Julie had a dream that she was making out with someone who was not her husband. It’s actually someone that she knows and has a bit of a professional crush. In the middle of making out with this person, she realizes that she’s married and stops. That’s when she wakes up. She kinda feels guilty for enjoying it so much.

Damian says: ┬áSometimes the conscious mind will seep into our dreams, but the dream is not the actual act. It’s you connecting on a deeper level. Males represent an inner subconscious aspect. So essentially this dream was about connecting to a deeper level of yourself. Showing the best of you.

John has a recurring dream that he’s playing baseball. It’s the bottom of the 9th, down by 2, runners on base, and John hits a homerun. He runs the bases, but he always wakes up before he reaches home plate.

Damian says: When you have sports in a dream, it shows that you view life as a game. You’re actually succeeding in a lot of things in life, but you’re not allowing yourself to receive the complete fulfillment.


It’s interesting considering all the talk on and off the air about the missing Malaysian Airlines flight. Tony has had this dream 2 nights in a row where his phone will ring. It’s an unlisted, blocked number, and the voice on the other end says, “We’re alive, and we’re in the jungle.”

Damian says: It’s possible that there might have been a telepathic connection with people actually there. On a personal level, planes represent an organization or the company you work for, and the phone is a form of communication. The dream could be trying to reestablish communication that may have been lost.

The School of Metaphysics Dallas campus is having a ton of events through the end of March. On Saturday, March 22nd from noon-2PM, there’s a FREE open house where you can meet teachers, staff, and students and even get your dreams interpreted. Tuesday, March 25th, there is a new Mastery of Consciousness class from 7:30PM to 10:30PM; this weekly meeting has a suggested donationg of $20 to attend. Saturday, March 29th there will be a FREE Society for Intuitive Research gathering where you can unlock your creative genius with creative mind reports. Also on Saturday the 29th, there is a FREE Dream Catcher’s meetup. Call 214-821-5406 or email dallas@som.org for more info.


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