Lady Gaga And The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

I’m not going to lie…I LOVE RHOBH.

I was glued to my TV last night ready and waiting for the reunion part 2 show to start. Did you watch?

Oh, the drama. I’d really like to know why Joyce is on the show? I swear if I could jump thru the TV and smack her I would. Too harsh? Umm, no! She puts the A in annoying.

I really hate that there is a feud between Brandi and Lisa. Could you two just kiss and make up?

And I was really hoping that they might mention why all the housewives are in the new Lady Gaga video except Brandi and Carleton. But nope…I had to do my own digging and figure it out. Click HERE to find out why. I wonder if it’s true or if Gaga just isn’t a fan.


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