Dream Expert Damian Nordmann Reveals The Meaning To Our Dreams

This morning, our dream expert Damian Nordmann from the School of Metaphysics was in studio to help us uncover the meanings to our dreams.

Julie had a dream last night that admittedly could be fueled by what she imbibed during the evening. She was with her mom, who is deceased, and her mom’s friend at the beach. The 3 ladies decided to go shopping at a store floating in the middle of the ocean, and they took a boat to get there. While they were swimming in the store, Julie became concerned that there might be sharks in the store. She asked a sales lady if the store was safe, but the lady’s answer trailed off. Julie panicked and started looking for her boat, but she couldn’t find it.

Damian says water represents conscious life experiences, and a boat represents our physical bodies. Julie felt lost in a sea of life experiences and she was looking for an exchange of values. Sharks and other animals represent habits, and it seems like Julie was concerned with being too habitual or compulsive. Perhaps she was afraid of the potential danger that comes from compulsive habits.

Tony was on vacation and tuning in to the show. John was in the studio covering the show, and Tony was excited for him and wanted to see how he was doing. Tony shocked to hear John dropped all sorts of swear words. Tony panicked and started trying to call John to tell him to hit the dump button, but he couldn’t get through. When he got back from vacation, he sat down to talk with John, but John said, “it’s too late.”

Damian says John represents an aspect of yourself through the major qualities you see in him. Those are qualities you have within yourself. His behavior actually represents you seeing yourself as being out of line.

The Dallas School of Metaphysics is going to be busy coming up in April.

  • On Tuesday, April 1st, they will have a Mastery of Consciousness class at 7:30.
  • They have a couple of Dream Catchers Meetups coming up one tomorrow at 6PMĀ at the Twenty One on Turtle Creek, and another on Friday, April 11th at 6:30PM at the Starbucks in West Village. Join them of open, fun, and informative discussions about the world of dreams!
  • Look for the School of Metaphysics throughout the month of April in Klyde Warren Park interpreting dreams. They will also have a National Dream Hotline at the end of the month!
  • Call 214-821-5406 or email dallas@som.org for more details about the Dallas events.

The Fort Worth campus will be hosting a Dream Catchers Meetup on Friday, April 11th at 7PM. Call 817-920-9180 for more details.


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