Julie’s Review Room: Captain America

New in theaters this week we have Chris Evans in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.”

Captain America is probably my least favorite Avenger because without Iron Man’s humor and Thor’s Loki, he’s a little vanilla. I do love his back-story and I think Chris Evans does a great job with the role. He’s also nice to look at.

This time Captain America must destroy an evil from his past AND do battle with a powerful agent known as The Winter Soldier. Scarlet Johanssen’s Black Widow is along for the ride, but some exciting new characters are introduced. There’s Falcon who uses retractable wings to fly and Security Director Alexander Pierce, played by Robert Redford. He’s a wonderful addition to the cast, but I was completely distracted by his Donald Trump-like hair. My favorite addition has to be the Winter Soldier himself. His identity is secret at first but fans of the comics already know who he is & how important he’ll be to future story lines. The fight sequences between Captain American and the Winter Soldier are awesome. In fact, all of the action sequences here are great. Movies lately have been cramming in too much action so the audience struggles to keep up with what’s actually going on. That’s not the case in THIS Captain America, plus some interesting statements are made about brotherly love and what the world is willing to sacrifice in the name of security. Pretty heady stuff from an Avenger and that’s why I’m giving “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” an B+. And because Chris Evans is really nice to look at. Wait, I already said that didn’t I?


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