6 Alternatives to Eating Peeps

by Cari Zack

We all know, and love (or hate), those sweet, sugary, marshmallowey mounds of goodness (or evil). Bursting on to the scene in 1953, Peeps have been a staple in Easter baskets nation-wide ever since, taking the form of all sorts of small woodland creatures. As if Easter’s avalanche of brightly colored treats weren’t enough, now you can gaze upon their sparkling glory year round. Peeps have become the star of several internet memes and now, we have a killer list of awesome new ways you can play with your food!

1. The Peep Wreath

A popular door hanger, revamped for the avid Peep lover, this wreath is sure to attract attention and lots of it! Be prepared to wage war with the impending army of ants, though.

2. Peeps in Disguise

Do you know someone who isn’t a fan of the “indestructible” sweet? Simply pop a giant adhesive mustache on a Peep Bunny and you’ll surely get a laugh… Unless your friend has a Peep phobia and finds themselves surrounded by dozens of your facial-hair touting creations.

3. Collectible Confectioneries

They’re just too cute to eat, you say? Peeps come in all shapes, sizes, colors and mouth-watering – who woulda thought – flavors. This is the perfect solution for the Ultimate Peep Fanatic. They’ll spend hours staring at their masterpiece collection.

4. Stop-motion Short Peep Films

YouTube stardom, here we come! Grab a Peep, or two (or ten!), and let your imagination run wild. You can re-create your favorite scene from a movie… like the diner scene from Pulp Fiction! It’s visual art at its finest (and most edible).

5. Peep Centerpieces

Did you go overboard when you bought Peeps to celebrate the holiday this year? Don’t stuff ‘em down your kids’ throats. Instead, make a family crafting project out of those extra yum-yums. If you decorate with them though, your indoor pets will most likely promptly kill them.

6. Food Fashionista

For those brave enough to do this; try your hand at making one of a kind clothing – like Peep dresses! Nothing says “Bring it on, Easter!” like a frock made entirely of squishy amazing! You’ll surely turn some heads, but you may not want to venture outdoors in your delectable attire… And you probably shouldn’t sit, either.

Whatever your future plans for this year’s Peeps entail, be sure to get creative and have a blast with it! Pictures and links can be found at thestir.cafemom.com. Happy Peeping!


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