Julie’s Jabbers: (SPOILER ALERT) Let’s Talk About The Easter Bunny

I am NOT a fan of Easter. I’m not talking about the Easter we celebrate in church so you can stop that angry letter-writing campaign right now. I’m talking about the big bunny that delivers eggs and candy. Who is this guy and why is he so interested in giving my kids a sugar rush?

Let’s be honest, the Easter Bunny is about as random as holiday characters get. It’s like someone took a Twister board & just SPUN to come up with him. It could’ve just as easily been the Easter Badger who hides small tinfoil wrapped wheels of cheese in your yard.

This isn’t really about the Easter Bunny though.

I hate Easter because I screw it up every year.

There was the year that my daughter woke up & looked right at me as I placed her Easter basket next to her bed.

“Look what I found outside your bedroom door,” I said.


There was also the year we completely forgot to hide the eggs outside. I hunted for eggs with the kids in the backyard while my husband furiously hid them in the front.


Or the year that we ran outside in our pajamas to search for eggs, blissfully unaware of the door closing & locking behind us.

There wasn’t much of a SAVE that year. Just some sullen kids shuffling around in nighties while the “Friends with Keys” were tracked down.

So, when I make my “Easter” list this year, it will include important questions like “What fancy dresses will the girls wear to church” and “Did you buy the Paas Egg Dye kit?”

The question in the back of my mind though will be, “What is going to get screwed up this year and could it possibly ruin Easter?”

And if it’s REALLY bad, will that awful Easter Badger show up?



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