Julie’s Jabbers: “Single White Female” Starring ME

Everybody has that one friend who always looks incredible. My friend’s name is Christine and she always looks like perfect but in a way that seems totally by accident, which makes it even more enviable. She doesn’t even wear any make-up (bitch). I would be tempted to hate her for this if she wasn’t also so cool and funny that you almost forget how great she looks. I am especially fond of everything she wears, so I’ve started copying her.

I could try to make it sound cool by calling her my “muse” or “fashion icon” but that’s a lie. The truth is that I see her wearing something I like and I go out and buy something just like it.

This isn’t always intentional. I decided I wanted a really short haircut and started researching them online. I found this killer Mandy Moore ‘do & sent the link to my hairdresser. He ran with it and I walked out of the salon with what I thought was an awesome Mandy-Moore-Look. Until, of course, I saw Christine and realized I had totally copied her hair.

She doesn’t seem to MIND that I do this and openly offers up where she buys her clothes. “Oh yeah, I got these shoes from Zara,” she says as I quietly map out my next trip to the Galleria (maybe they’ll be on sale now!).

We don’t see each other on a daily basis so it doesn’t usually matter that I’m copying her…until today.

I ran into Christine while we were both leaving the grocery store and I realized every single piece of clothing I had on was something I’d copied from her, even down to my nail polish (which is a perfect shade of Tangerine). I stood there in front of her, looking like a carbon-but-not-quite-as-cool copy, trying to hide my fingernails and feeling wildly embarrassed.

Maybe she didn’t notice. Maybe she was reminded of that Bridgette Fonda movie where the roommate goes insane. Or maybe she’s like that friend in high-school who accused everyone of copying her (“Did you SEE her? She totally wants to BE ME!”). Hopefully she’ll just be flattered that someone who lacks a sense of style adopted hers, which is really all that it is.

At least I THINK that’s all it is…but if I start using a stiletto heel as a weapon, please somebody stage an intervention.


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