Julie’s Review Room: “The Other Woman”

New in theaters this week we have “The Other Woman,” starring Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz as women who discover they’re sharing a man.

Carly finds out that her boyfriend is married and through a series of misadventures becomes best friends with his wife. While tracking him, they discover his OTHER girlfriend, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Kate Upton.

We’ve certainly seen this scenario before, but there IS something slightly different about “The Other Woman.” The women find out they’re all being lied to but their first instinct isn’t to turn on each other. Leslie Mann, who plays the wife, even reaches OUT to Cameron Diaz to get the details instead of attacking her. I’ve always found Leslie Mann to be annoying and shrill, but HERE it works. In fact, she shines more than any other film I’ve seen her in. Cameron Diaz looks incredible and even Kate Upton manages to seem personable, in her own boobalicious way.

This isn’t an anti-MAN movie. It’s an anti-CHEATER movie so guys shouldn’t be afraid to see it. You might like it AND get bonus points for taking your female friend. I honestly enjoyed it so much more than I expect to. Yes, there are ridiculous moments like the women spying with gigantic binoculars or the ending, which is so far-fetched it’s almost insulting. I still had enough fun watching it to give “The Other Woman” a C+. I also appreciate the message it sends to anyone who’s been dealt that kind of broken heart. When your world comes crumbling down you have to be strong, and when that strength is sapped you’ve got to lean on those who can be strong for you.


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