Ain’t Nobody Got Time For The Wrong Golf Course

John is throwing himself under the bus. On Friday, he was invited to a charity golf event. When he pulled up the directions, he saw that it was literally just up the Tollway. He didn’t feel that he needed directions, so instead he just pulled up the map app on his phone and headed to the first big green patch nearby. It was a golf course, but it was the wrong golf course. He sped up the Tollway to the correct golf course and got there just as the golf carts were rolling out. Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!

Tony has to gripe at his boy cat Hill. It’s understandable that kitty loves to snuggle, but Tony isn’t sure what made Hill decide to jump on his chest while he was sleeping. It didn’t stop there. Hill put it in reverse and waved his tail in Tony’s face, which caused Tony to wake up and get a face full of cat butt. Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!

Julie actually doesn’t have anything to gripe about this morning. She’s so happy. In fact, she wants to send love to her awesome husband who installed a brand new toilet in their house yesterday. It’s the best toilet ever!

Our guests Ugly Betty star Michael Urie and actor Ryan Spahn jumped in on our weekly gripe fest this morning.

Michael relates that occasionally he and Ryan will be running late to get somewhere, and Ryan will choose that moment to empty the dishwasher or taking out the trash.

Ryan adds that nobody has time for getting up at 5AM. He went on to say as they were getting in the car this morning and pulling up directions, they ended up at Meddlesome Moth, the restaurant they were at last night. What happened is that Michael had pulled up texts from Tony that included both the address of the radio station and a recommendation to Meddlesome Moth.


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